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Simply Gold
REGULAR: $99.95
Dazzling Sirens
REGULAR: $129.95
This is a light, slim style Atlas, Hightop Shoe.These are white, white and more white, Mono white. This shoe has white canvas, whote sole and white laces accented with a rhinestoned strap in the front and the back!! Its a perfect addition to your fashion closet. Metalic Gold High top, with white accents, lightly rhinestones on front  strap and backstrap . Stunning shoes!!! These sleek mid top, futuristic shoes, rhinestones on the toes and the sides. Great for any event or dance routine. With comfort and form fitting to your feet. You hardly know they are on your feet,
The difference between this shoe and the simply blinded siren is the strap on top is rhinestoned
Simply Sirens
REGULAR: $109.95
Simply rhinestones siren have the toe and sides rhinestoned with the strap being bare. Its a sleek shoe that is meant for the person who wants just a touch of bling.