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Carbon High Drill Team
REGULAR: $59.00
REGULAR: $59.95
REGULAR: $59.95
White siren, put in your exact shoe size, they run true to size, each or you have shipping added onto the price These futuristic, sleek, firm fitting shoes are full of comfort. They are black, or plum or white. The straps are the same color as the leather with a small bit of shimmer in the material. The soles are white and very comfortable. Great for dance and everyday wear or glam them up for evenng. Futeristic meets comfort!! These lowtops are stylish and comfortable at the same time. You cand wear them to dance or to just hang out. they are made of a neoprene material and accented with 3 straps. You will love these shoes
Its Yellow
REGULAR: $79.95
KIDS SEQUIN HIGH TOPS RHINESTONED!! The emoij lowtops come in both white and black canvas. The are lightly  rhinestoned with 4 colors, crystal, red, yellow and black. These shoes are NAKED (no rhinestones) Great light yellow midtoe shoe. It has comfort, style and color !!! Must have these on your feet!!
REGULAR: $99.95
REGULAR: $99.95
SIMPLE BLACK ATLAS STRAPPY BLING Please use womens sizes!!  After you select your women's size please select (Yes or No) if you would like to add on your initials to the shoe laces for just 10$ GREY ATTLAS WITH MINT ACCENTS, STRAP, SHOELACE AND INSIDES, RINESTONES WITH AB CRYSTALS New this season is the mono sole, shoe and strap. accented with crystal ab rhinestones on the strap
Simply Gold
REGULAR: $99.95
Gold Washed Denim
REGULAR: $99.95
Metalic Gold High top, with white accents, lightly rhinestones on front  strap and backstrap . Stunning shoes!!! Teal and pink reflective shoes. When the light hits these shoes they turn a light pink in color. Newest material in town.
Teal and pinks reflective high top, With pink high quality pink rhinestones on the straps when the light hits the shoe, it changes colors These are white Atlas hightop with sparkly toes. The straps are stoned with clear ab and silver rhinestones. THESE HIGH HEELED SNEAKERS ARE STUNNING!!! ON THE STRAP YOU CAN CHOOSE FROM AZTEK, ZEBRA, POKADOT OR JUST PLAIN RHINESTONING. PLESE USE YOUR WOMENS SIZE WHEN ORDERING, THEY ARE TRUE TO SIZE!!
Simply Sirens
REGULAR: $109.95
Simply rhinestones siren have the toe and sides rhinestoned with the strap being bare. Its a sleek shoe that is meant for the person who wants just a touch of bling.

White leather with rhinestones, studs, and monogrammed. Please choose women size, the 7, 8 will be in stock the end of August. Order womens size only, we will convert to fit properly. Put your initals in the comment box. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping.

Red hightop with black and white rhinestones, embellished with polka dot black stones, accented by white stones. Available in Red, Grey, or Black. Order kids and womens sizes only, we will convert to fit. You can forgo the poka dots, just write it in the comment box. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
Brilliant White Knights
REGULAR: $119.95
A grey sneaker with bright pink accent on strap, laces and inside of the shoe. Rhinestones on the strap and strategically along the side and back. Please use womens  or kids sizes only. Put your intiials in the comment box if interested. Brilliant white shoes with two straps across the top. Rhinestoned with bright crystal AB rhinestones. Any color laces and you can change the color of the rhinestones on the straps. Please use women sizing when order and write in comment box different colored laces.  After you select your women's size please select (Yes or No) if you would like to add on your initials to the shoe laces for just 10$ Mint and grey atlas high top. It has checkered material on the side of the shoe. The straps in font and back are rhinestone  along with the material along the laces. Order in women or kids sizing.
MACK Monogrammed Strap
REGULAR: $124.95
This is a light, slim style Atlas, Hightop Shoe.These are white, white and more white, Mono white. This shoe has white canvas, whote sole and white laces accented with a rhinestoned strap in the front and the back!! Its a perfect addition to your fashion closet. These stunning shoes can Have your name written on the strap of your shoe, in rhinestones or studs. There is a maximum of 4 letters. Please put the letters you want in the comment box at check out. The shoes have rhinestoned straps, and some of the side. Please order women sizes only and kidssize  3 and under. NEW ITEM   This shoe style are identical to the Jordyn Kalani white artisan, with the exception is - its black. You can have your stones as Hermite or Chrystal AB. Put your initials in the comment box at checkout. Please give Womens sizing and we will convert for you,
Custom Siren midtops
REGULAR: $129.95
Dazzling Sirens
REGULAR: $129.95
Bright Pink Atlas hightop, with grey soles. The checkered material on the sides make these a unique shoe. The strap in front back are rhinestoned, along the laces and on the side of the shoe. Order in womens sizing or kids sizing. These shoes are modern and edgy. They are so comfortable as well. This style comes in white,  black and Burgandy. You may customize them any colors you want, Leave information in the comments on what colors you want. The picture shown is what JoJo from Dance Moms wanted for her Claire's shoot. Be Creative. These sleek mid top, futuristic shoes, rhinestones on the toes and the sides. Great for any event or dance routine. With comfort and form fitting to your feet. You hardly know they are on your feet,
The difference between this shoe and the simply blinded siren is the strap on top is rhinestoned
NEW ITEM   This is a stunning shoe. It is black with silver lame accenting the black. It has crystal AB on the toe and sides with black studs on the strap. Please order womens sizing. If you want your name on it, please put the letters in the comment box at checkout.